Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is apropos of nothing

but what are women thinking when they have long, personal conversations in public restrooms? Is there really nothing that can't wait until you're in a flush-free zone?

Sorry, sorry. In light of my resolve to be less nauseated and more upbeat, I'd also like to note my appreciation for today's sunshine. The sky is blue, the air is crisp; if you have a pair of gloves the sidewalk seems like the perfect place to close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun...or make a phone call.


Anonymous suz said...

not surprisingly, i'm a fan of potty-talk. i mean, sometimes it feels even more strange to just say...nothing. no?

4:04 PM  
Anonymous camille said...

what sunshine ? where were you?

i am anti-potty talk. it is all so much drivel.

5:42 PM  

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